Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finding the Perfect Job...

Well you can imagine that at 20 years old the last thing you want to be is unemployed sans college education, but that is the situation that i willingly put myself into. I don't remember how scared I was but I was so relieved to be out of the drab everyday college scene that I ignored this fear and began looking for a really good job. After all, I knew I was smart(who isn't at 20) and I had many different talents.

All I needed to do was find the right job...A high paying job with excellent chance for upward movement where I could showcase my talents, health benefits would be nice, but at 20, I wasn't exactly sure what those were since my dad was paying for them. They say you should interview at multiple employers in order to increase your options, as well as your chances for getting hired. I ignored that advice, mostly because the interview process would take time out of my beach trips planned for everyday until I got a job.

One morning on the way to the beach, I saw a "Now Hiring PT Package Handlers" Now I wasn't exactly sure what that was, but I went in for the interview anyways in a clean white beater tank top, a bathing suit, and sandals. Now that's class! It was the nicest day of the year thus far so this needed to be quick...
My cousin and brother were going to wait patiently in the car while I applied.
I walked into an unlocked door and sat down in a classroom setting type room and filled out an application that they had stacked on the desk with a bunch of pens. A guy named Ken came out and took me into his office with the application in hand. He was about 55 years old and it showed on his face. Whatever his job title was, it must be a stressful one. He asked a few basic questions about my schooling and told me he couldn't hire me.

I sat there confused as all hell, I met all the qualifications on the app. Besides, how many people want to work from 11PM til 3AM. I had chosen that shift so that I could maintain my upcoming beach schedule all the way into the summer!

Ken explained that as a fellow alum of my former high school he would never subject me to those hours. He said I wouldn't last a month. Although I respectfully disagreed with him, he refused to hire me for the night shift, and instead did me one of the biggest favors I've ever received in my life(although I didn't know it at the time). He hired me for the 6PM til 11PM shift. I told him this would shorten my beach day significantly and he promised I'd not regret it.
I was hired, time to head off to the beach with the cousin and younger bro (who were successfully attending two top notch colleges in the area).
The conversation went something like:

Bro: Get the Job?
Me: Yup.
Cuz: What's it pay?
Me: $8.50 an hour.
Bro: Whatcha gonna be doin?
Me: Unloading trailers.
Cuz: Should be a nice day at the beach.

Neither mentioned the job again until after I had started. They were both thinking the same thing; he's screwed. They under-estimated me, something that I guarantee won't happen again...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are you happy?

Friends, I am writing this blog in lieu of a book because I feel my life experiences should be shared freely with everyone. One shouldn't have to pay for the knowledge that may or may not come with reading this. That being said, I am not belittling the messege that I intend to put forth to those who may read this.

Why, when there are infinitely many paths that can be chosen in this world, do a majority of us at the inexperienced and uninformed age of 18 decide to subject ourselves to four years of debt ridden chaos disguised as education? Let's get this straight. I am all for obtaining a college degree, but why at 18? Why four years?

I have found complete happiness and amazing success yet I am the exception to a once painful statistic from my high school:

"99.99% of (our) graduates attend a four year college and obtain a bachelor's degree within 5 years of graduation."

One day in the midst of my sophomore year of college, I took a deep look inside...
I asked myself if I was happy. No, I wasn't.
I then took 25 years off my parents life and subjected myself to the minority at my future high school reunions...

I forfeited a full scholarship to, and dropped out of, the best technical / engineering school East of the Mississippi River.

And thus, my journey to find happiness had begun...