Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are you happy?

Friends, I am writing this blog in lieu of a book because I feel my life experiences should be shared freely with everyone. One shouldn't have to pay for the knowledge that may or may not come with reading this. That being said, I am not belittling the messege that I intend to put forth to those who may read this.

Why, when there are infinitely many paths that can be chosen in this world, do a majority of us at the inexperienced and uninformed age of 18 decide to subject ourselves to four years of debt ridden chaos disguised as education? Let's get this straight. I am all for obtaining a college degree, but why at 18? Why four years?

I have found complete happiness and amazing success yet I am the exception to a once painful statistic from my high school:

"99.99% of (our) graduates attend a four year college and obtain a bachelor's degree within 5 years of graduation."

One day in the midst of my sophomore year of college, I took a deep look inside...
I asked myself if I was happy. No, I wasn't.
I then took 25 years off my parents life and subjected myself to the minority at my future high school reunions...

I forfeited a full scholarship to, and dropped out of, the best technical / engineering school East of the Mississippi River.

And thus, my journey to find happiness had begun...

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